Executing Creative Approaches
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At RTJ II ® we seek to honor the cultural, geographical, and historical aspects of the land while working to reveal and sculpt the best course possible on each unique site. By considering a small number of projects each year—and only pursuing those we’re confident that we’ll be successful with—we’ve created great value for a diverse clientele ranging from municipalities to visionary CEOs to heads of state, from private developers to world-class resorts. Independent research bears this out. While we’ve built our reputation by listening to the land, we also listen to our clients, whose financial goals are an important priority.

Employing not just innovative concepts such as “green building,” but also using the newest techniques, technologies, and even laws—from creating photo simulations of how a golf course might look on an undeveloped site to applying carbon credits to make development more affordable—the team at RTJ II is dedicated to carrying our successful history of innovation into a future rich with new possibilities.

Our dedicated team of support staff, architects, shapers, and business experts has experience in every aspect of golf course development. We provide support and guidance from conception through completion of every project. Our staff includes golf course designers working out of our headquarters in Palo Alto, California and from several satellite offices throughout the world. On many projects, our Design Implementation Services division provides on-site company representatives during construction. RTJ II delivers state-of-the-art, sustainable golf course projects for exceptional clients worldwide.


vision_photo1.jpgBird's eye view—Bro Hof Slott Golf Club (Stadium Course), Stockholm, Sweden | Photo: Lennart Hyse
vision_photo2.jpgRainbow Hills Country Club, Eumseong, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea | Photo: Richard Castka/sportpixgolf.com

“Despite our global reach we’re a small, hands-on company.  We select a unique collection of design projects each year, and choose each project carefully to ensure that we can deliver an innovative, beautiful, world-class golf course that looks natural in its setting, offers creative golf challenges, and meets our client’s specific goals—including financial goals. The consistent quality of our designs has secured our reputation for providing value while assisting clients in countless settings around the globe.”

— Bruce Charlton
Chief Executive Officer