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Despite our global reach, we remain a small family business. We choose our projects carefully – with one eye on our client’s goals, the other on the land itself. The goal is to deliver innovative designs in natural settings, creating challenges for golfers of all levels. Consistency counts: our reputation depends on delivering both value and vision.”

— Bruce Charlton, President and Chief Design Officer

While RTJ II has built our reputation by listening to the land, we also listen to our clients, whose thoughts and goals are an important priority. By employing not just innovative concepts such as “green building” but also using the newest techniques, technologies, and even legal guidelines, the team at RTJ II is dedicated to carrying our successful history of innovation into a future rich with new possibilities.

Bob and Bruce at construction site
Lübker Forest Course

At Robert Trent Jones II we approach every golf course project with a series of fundamental design principles that guide our work. The pillar of our design philosophy is that every project is site specific. We listen to the land and work with it to create the best golf design possible on every unique site.

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green proclamation

At Robert Trent Jones II we believe that the profession has entered a grand new era—the “green age”—in which great golf courses worldwide are being created in harmony with the environment and with the intention that they will be maintained as sustainable resources.

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Hole #15 Poppy Hills

In an era when global environmental concerns have taken center stage and the golf business is greatly affected by resource issues, the importance of one specific resource stands out: Water.

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audubon courses

Robert Trent Jones Jr. has been dedicated to environmental course design since long before green building became popular.  The firm’s Green Proclamation, a manifesto of environmental principles, calls upon all golf course architects to support this design philosophy.

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Hole #6 Holtsmark

From its earliest origins golf has fostered community, bringing people together to enjoy both competition and camaraderie. We applaud the global efforts of golf organizations, associations, and governing bodies, and our golf architecture colleagues who promote public access to affordable, high quality, environmentally responsible golf.

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