Joondalup Resort (Quarry, Dune & Lake Nine)
Joondalup Resort
Photo: Courtesy of Joondalup Resort

Joondalup Resort (Quarry, Dune & Lake Nine)


P.O. Box 263
Perth WA 6027 Australia

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Joondalup Resort
Photo: John Knight

Located 20 minutes from Perth and three minutes from the beach, Joondalup’s 27 holes route among limestone quarries, cliff faces, lakes, dunes, and bushlands full of gum trees and other thick vegetation. With a name that means “the place of shining waters,” Joondalup itself shines as one of the most highly regarded golf courses on the Australian continent.

The three nines are each named after aspects of the topography it highlights.

The Lake Nine

The Lake nine features watery dangers as well as hollows, pot bunkers, swales, and other linksy challenges.

The Quarry Nine

The narrow Quarry nine includes an unforgettable par three that plays 125 yards over a gaping chasm.

The Dunes Nine

The Dunes nine also boasts vertical hazards (trees) in addition to sand, putting a premium on shot placement.

Wildlife and Scenic Beauty

Birds, kangaroos, and other wildlife seem to enjoy Joondalup as much as the golfers who have raved about this great Down Under golf venue.