Golf by Design

Golf by Design

Tenets that guide our work

Chambers Bay Panoramic

Chambers Bay, Washington, USA

Photo: Rob Perry
Bjaavann Hole #3

Bjaavann Golfklubb, Kristiansand, Norway

Photo: The Henebrys
Rainbow Hills

Rainbow Hills Country Club, Eumseong, South Korea

Photo: Richard Castka/

We are committed to designing golf courses that appear to have been shaped by the same forces that created the surrounding landforms. Our courses feel natural even though we often exert enormous effort and skill to create them.

Our design philosophy further holds that environmental sensitivity and responsibility are essential aspects of every project. At a number of sites in our portfolio we’ve actually remediated long-term environmental degradation by designing courses that repair and improve the environment.

Our philosophy also calls for the creation of courses that combine playability for the average golfer with sufficient difficulty from championship tees to challenge the world’s best players. Providing alternative lines of play adds another crucial strategic component to our courses. These and other tenets of our design philosophy play an integral part in creating the distinctive, creative, and appropriate look of Robert Trent Jones II golf courses.

Read more about what guides our design in the Green Proclamation and the Public Golf Proclamation.

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